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24x7 Monitoring & Alert Backup Job Screening
  • Engineers watching system alerts 24x7x365
  • Filtering of monitoring alerts according to preset rules for ignoring
  • Triage of alerts based on priority
  • Problem identification and escalation
24x7 Manual Checks
  • Scan Anti-Virus reports, detect infections, escalate incident
  • Check emailed reports and detect pre-defined problem signals
24x7 Execution of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Ops engineers follow SOPs in response to anticipated incidents
  • Escalate to designated contacts within Stratogent and Customer for issues outside SOPs, or when SOPs
    fail to resolve the issue

Note: NOC services include the following at no extra charge.

                Weekly Reporting & Feedback

      • Review of the alerts and their patterns in the review period
      • Discussion and analysis of NOC processes, responses and communication
      • If required, modify filtering rules and NOC processes
      • Plan for major maintenance's and planned disruptions

                Monthly Analysis & Actions
      • Discussion and analysis of Operations processes, responses and communication
      • If required, modify SOPs and Operations processes
      • Periodic retraining of Opertations staff to accommodate significant changes to environments and/or procedures

                Major Incident Post Mortem Reporting/Follow Up
      • Timeline of Events: event description, actions taken
      • Summaries of key events
      • "What did we learn?" conference
      • Follow-up recommendations from Stratogent for prevention of problem recurrence and if necessary, modify NOC and Ops processes to improve response time


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